Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skeleton Key Rack

I came across this really neat vintage store - "Three Potato Four" - and they had some pretty cool things.

I found this Skeleton Key Rack and immediately wanted it!!

We love the elegant and romantic twist on this otherwise utilitarian item.
Made of iron, this skeleton key rack has a classical look that looks great in any
setting. Key rack measures 8.25"l x .25"w x 2.75"h. Can be mounted
using provided twine or with screws (not included).
This item is new, multiples in stock.

But where would I put it and what would I use it for? Sure you could use it for keys, but I wanted to be creative and put it in my office or new bathroom. Since the bathroom is not finished, I was thinking of the office.

The only thing that popped in my mind was for my necklaces. I only have a few that I wear all of the time, but I wasn't sure necklaces would look right..........hmmm.

What would you use it for in an office or bathroom? I can't wait to read your thoughts!!

Happy Monday!!

Kathy Schindler

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beth said...

Hi. I came to your blog via From House to Home's blogroll. That skeleton key rack is very cute. Depending on how sturdy it is, I think that I might use it to hold my nightgown and light robes in the bathroom. That was my first thought. Either that or I would hang light jackets on it in the entry.