Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Mannequin Is In The Building!

Here she is!! And I think she has been named. The last I heard her name is "Alicia." 
She is about 6 feet tall. And my daughter would absolutely die if she knew I posted her picture on my blog .... shhhhhh.

This is the outfit I finally decided on and my 5 year old never questioned it. However, each day as I walk down the hallway toward my daughters room, I get a glance of Alicia and it takes me back. I think someone is standing in her room. LOL

Currently, Alicia is wearing my daughter school uniform. I will have to take a picture when she is not looking and post it. I believe her clothes change daily.

The Mannequin was a huge hit. Now I have to take my daughter to the fabric store and buy material and a pattern so Alicia will have her own clothes. She is a size and a half bigger than my daughter. If not, we will eventually have stretched clothes!


LuLu said...

That is hilarious!!! I would scream each time I walked by forgetting we have our own mannequin in the house! I love it. She is cute too!! :o)
I promise not to breath a word about this!!! hee hee

Kathy said...

LOL I do sort of stop in my own tracks...